Wednesday, March 25, 2009


hi, everyone..

My favourite song is 'I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman' by Britney Spears

I Survived InnoTech 2009 Penang!

I walked in like the dinosaur that I am and...... actually learnt there IS hope for me! Thank you to the very clever young facilitators who were so giving, enthusiastic and ever so patient. Thanks to them I now can Twitter! and ... something else!! The speakers too were very very good. Congrats to all... especially Jumy, kengyew, michael, razlan, hakim, devan, ronnie and everyone!!!

Respect Women

And Women looks for Mutual Respect...

Stand up and Be counted!

I identify myself with the Rights of Women to Choose, Change & Celebrate. It is time for all men everywhere to stand up and be counted. Time for us to acknowledge that women gave birth to us and they deserve all the love, care and encouragement for them to excel in whatever they want to do:)

What it feels like...

"For every man who asks, "What's so hard about being a woman?", I say, "Try it."

Hey everyone

HI its nice to have met you all
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